August 9, 1999 - RE: Gametele Announces Successful Launch of 'BingoTrax' System For TV Bingo

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--Gametele Systems Inc. "Gametele" of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada is pleased to announce the successful launch of the first phase of its 'BingoTrax' system for TV Bingo.

Gametele's proprietary 'BingoTrax' system, designed and manufactured by ZTEST Electronics Inc., allows for the use of bar coded generic bingo tickets for televised bingo games. Each TV Bingo ticket sold, is validated at the point of sale by the 'BingoTrax' remote sales terminal, for whichever TV Bingo game the purchaser chooses to play. This electronic validation process also registers the bingo ticket sale with the central computer, by specific location for the credit to each specific participating charity, creating an automated audit trail, which is very important in the highly regulated North American charitable bingo industry. The 'BingoTrax' system also monitors bingo ticket inventory levels, invoicing and accounts receivable information.

Gametele recently installed the first 750 'BingoTrax' systems in vending locations in Ontario, Canada, for use in conjunction with the Rainbow TV Bingo game on CHCH TV Channel 11, Hamilton Ontario, Canada, which is played every Saturday morning at 11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. In addition to this first TV Bingo game, the 'BingoTrax' system is capable of handling 47 other half hour TV bingo games on a daily basis. Gametele is paid a percentage of the gross ticket sales as its fee for providing the 'BingoTrax' solution to any charitable TV Bingo operator wishing to use the Gametele system.

The management of Gametele, which has over 30 years prior experience in the bingo hall industry, believe that these new media bingo games will not only attract current bingo hall players, but also other bingo players, who for whatever reason, either can not or will not visit a bingo hall.

The Ontario market was selected for this initial launch because Ontario bingo ticket sales, at the 250 bingo halls in the province, exceed $1 billion dollars annually. Gametele's business model for Ontario calls for the addition of 150 new vending sites per month, to the anticipated optimum number of 4,000 'BingoTrax' systems for this province. While completing the rollout for Ontario, Gametele will also be expanding to national coverage throughout Canada.

Gametele is also actively pursuing plans to expand the use of the 'BingoTrax' system, throughout the world, via joint ventures or licensing arrangements with interested parties. The management of Gametele believes that they are the only company in the world offering this unique network solution for the TV Bingo.

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