ZTEST Electronics Inc. operates at 523 McNicoll Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada primarily through its wholly owned subsidiary Permatech Electronics Corporation. Permatech's offerings include printed circuit board assembly, materials management, and testing services, all provided from our 21,000-square-foot, ISO 9001:2015-certified facility. 


Permatech is a contract manufacturer of complex circuit boards, currently serving customers in the medical, power, computer, telecommunications, wireless, industrial, trucking, wearables, and consumer electronics markets. It specializes in servicing customers which are looking for high yield and require high quality and rapid turnaround on low and mid-volume production of high-complexity products.



Regardless of the scale of your project, ZTEST is your solution for success.
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Permatech Electronics Corporation started as an electronic circuit board assembly company in 1992 and promptly established the Permatech Quality Assurance manual to place focus on the prime directive: Quality.


ZTEST acquired Permatech in 2000 and, to further emphasize quality, became an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We pair high quality electronic circuit board assembly with affordable pricing, quick turnaround, and a dedication to customer satisfaction.


Whether you opt for our full turnkey option, or choose to provide your own components, we earn your satisfaction by building your orders with extreme attention to detail. At ZTEST, we assemble your products to your specifications, without deviation. This ensures that we meet your unique and complex needs with each and every product we build.


Testing is a huge part of our process. Boards are verified using AOI and tested, if required, using customer supplied fixtures prior to shipping. The testing process is complex and addresses any possible faults.


A potent combination of quality products, affordable prices, flexible order quantities, and customized delivery schedules is what makes ZTEST a leader in the electronic circuit board assembly industry.